Archimedes Engineering is currently a mechanical engineering consulting firm offering a full range of design services.  We can provide conceptual studies to determine the feasibility of a project and establish a scope, budget and schedule.  We can develop a project design with PE sealed plans and specifications for construction.  We can develop equipment specifications, perform bid evaluations, provide construction cost opinions, energy savings and return on investment calculations.  We are always excited for new challenges so please contact us even if you don’t see what your looking for below.

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

We have years of experience designing HVAC systems for a variety of spaces from gas fired furnaces and direct expansion (DX) cooling systems to large scale systems using central chilled water and steam loops.  Some of our specialties are clean rooms, laboratories, dedicated exhaust systems and laminar flow systems.


We can provide basic plumbing designs with just hot and cold water and sanitary drains, to building storm drains and process waste systems for laboratories and manufacturing spaces.


We can provide designs for steam, chilled water, glycol, compressed air, natural gas and other fluid piping systems to serve a variety of industries.  We can incorporate new equipment such as boilers, chillers, air compressors etc. to design a complete building system or central plant serving multiple buildings or an entire campus.


Steam system design is becoming a lost art form as fewer and fewer engineering service providers understand the intricacies of steam production, transportation, utilization, and condensation removal and return. However steam systems still exist in many of our cities, industrial facilities, college campuses and large apartment and office buildings. We believe steam is one of the most efficient ways to transport and use energy and steam heating can provide exceptional occupant comfort when designed properly. We have years of experience with steam distribution, steam heating coils, steam humidifiers, one pipe or two pipe radiant heating, steam to hot water heat exchangers, steam for processes such as autoclaves, sterilizers, laundry facilities and cooking facilities. We can troubleshoot heating issues, pipe banging, water hammer, excessive condensate temperatures or flashing, etc. We can design new steam systems or restorations of existing systems. We can help keep the look and feel of a classic steam heated building while providing the efficiency, quiet operation and comfort expected today.